Prudhoe Skunk Works


Prudhoe Skunk Works is a large, cutting edge facility maintained by Ageira Technologies and the Liberty Security Force. Its primary focus is the development of propulsion and faster-than-light technology, as well as Alien Artifact research. Officially, Prudhoe does not exist and operates in utmost secrecy.

Prudhoe is currently undergoing expansion as a result of Ageira projects in the system, with the most recent addition being an isolated subsection to host a new production line for bio-neural processors relocated from Leduc Station. Additionaly, the station is coordinating the construction of trade lanes in the system and the reconstruction of the super gate from Alberta as part of the Omicron Gateway project. If completed, it would enable Liberty to break out of central Sirius and begin a new wave of expansion in the heart of the Omicrons.