Detroit Munitions

Light Arms to Kensington Shipping Platform, New London
Light Arms to Lancaster Trade Center, Newcastle
Light Arms to Shinjuku Station, New Tokyo
Light Arms to Osaka Storage Facility, Honshu
Light Arms to Aland Shipyard, Omega-3

Detroit is the headquarters for Detroit Munitions, one of the oldest privately owned companies in Liberty. Detroit has been manufacturing small- and medium-sized arms since its founding by patriarch Ed Garner in 614 A.S. His name still graces the company’s most popular line of blasters, despite the occasional attempt by an Ageira executive to have his own name imprinted onto a weapons line.

Although Detroit Munitions as a company has been extremely successful, it eventually decided to partner with Ageira Technologies, in an effort to gain access to even more advanced weapons research, particularly in light of the contracts that Ageira holds with the Liberty Navy and the Liberty Security Forces. Ageira now owns the station itself and pays for its upkeep, although Detroit Munitions has several new outlets on Denver and a weapons testing range on Pittsburgh’s moon of Maine.

“In 614 AS, Ageira began crafting Light Arms and personal weaponry at this manufacturing plant, and since then Detroit has been synonymous with firepower. When you want to put someone down fast, look to Detroit to meet your needs.”