Bio-Neural Processors

Synthetic computing even on the quantum level is restricted by the static-state nature of the algorithms encoded into the processing core. Certain organic molecules have been developed that are capable of fuzzy logic, or best guess algorithms, when processing data making them very similar to how living organisms operate.  Calculations that traditional optronic chips are incapable of solving are easily guessed by bio-neural processors.  The primary function of the bio-neural processors on board space-ships is to perform optimal fuel, navigational, and tactical calculations across an exponentially increasing field of inputed data. Bio-neural processors have also been developed by Gallic commercial firms to create a wide range of consumer products, such as holo-entertainment bands.

“Unlike conventional electronic or optronic switching circuits, Bioneural circuits can offer “best guess” solutions to problems that are near impossible to calculate. This makes them invaluable for Gate/Lane Parts production, as the variables involved in initiating a stable jump field are almost impossible to calculate exactly.”